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Prayer Exchange helps in troubled times and more.

Have you wondered about the good news of God's love, while the world is crumbling around you. Are you uncertain or unable to see beyond the decay of society. Has the glimmer of hope faded into obscurity and given little or no reason to believe in yourself. Is the burden too heavy ... while the urge of the dark side entices with an eerie emotion ... that haunts each and every turn of the way. And then again, is love truly unconditional — so here we are today with the message of God's good pleasure. A message of love and an invitation to accept the Gospel Way of salvation. Surely the tender heart of Jesus awaits — our prayer — as we move towards the light.

The time spent to write also helps ones understanding.

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The Scout

I would like to focus on the assertion of faith, hope and agape love as given by the Holy Spirit. I say this as more-and-more people are trusting on technology to expand their horizon and have little need ...

Peaceful Serenade

Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. There is nothing as sweet and endearing as spending time in God's presence. The majesty of this experience is enhanced upon a person's soul ...

Water into Wine

A "cool glass of water" is always refreshing to a thirsty person. Without question, this is one of life's simple pleasures. A balanced diet for body, mind and soul is a basic developmental activity and instinct ...

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