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Yeshua is the Hebrew name, and its English spelling is Joshua.

Iesous is the Greek transliteration of the Hebrew name, and its English spelling is Jesus.

Prayer exchange

It is time to unwind the evil twist that besets your happiness. There is a plan of salvation that points the way towards the freedom road. It's one turn unwound each day as God's angel clears the way. Let go and believe with Yeshua for your well-being because He cares about you.

Once an individual dares to believe on God's wonder working power and submits to the glorious enlightenment; a quickening process begins to press outward from the depth of ones soul. This person would exhibit a release of former personality traits: a mixed bag of sorts.

This outward expression is a sign of God’s redemptive power working deeply within and thereby, pushing the old character outwards. This emotional disposition must be seasoned by family and friends in loving kindness.


Theos site

This website offers short gospel messages that may also challenge the status quo of christianity.

Faith Temple

The site is a directory of recent articles and nuggets of faith as given throughout the years.

Osee site

Osee is the Greek form of the prophet's name Hosea.

The names' meaning is "salvation" which symbolized the pressing need for national deliverance.